What has changed?

There are no changes from the stand-point of the client-side API.

A huge amount of work has been done under the hood with a new architecture. The v2 architecture design is not only faster, but also more scalable, robust and fault-tolerant to meet the needs of serving an ever increasing number of users.



Update the Codox JavaScript library and css links as follows:

<script src="https://cdn1.codox.io/lib/2.x/api/wave.client.js"></script>
<link href="https://cdn1.codox.io/lib/2.x/css/wave.client.css" rel="stylesheet">


Update the plugin link in tinymce initialization as follows:

    external_plugins : {
      wave : "https://cdn2.codox.io/waveTinymce/2.x/plugin.min.js"

Support for v1.x.x

v1.x.x API support will be phased out in 6 months (Sept 14 2021). It is advisable to make plans to switch to v2 API well before that time.

Minor bug fixes for v1.x.x will continue to be pushed till May 14 2021.

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