Managing Subscription

Monthly session quota is the maximum number of co-editing sessions your users can create in a month. The session usage numbers are visible on the dashboard.

We will notify the account holder via email when the quota is close to being hit. A first email notification will be sent with 10% of quota remaining and a second notification will be sent when the quota is down to 1%. A final notification will also be sent when the quota is completely exhausted. We allow some slack for each subscription to give you adequate time to perform any changes to the account.

When the quota has been exhausted, to continue enabling real-time collaboration in your app there are three options:

  1. Auto-upgrade: automatically upgrade to the next-higher tier plan when the quota runs out

  2. Manual-upgrade: the admin user must select a higher tier plan from the dashboard

  3. Wait for reset (default): Wait for session quota to reset at the end of the month

Auto upgrade

Auto-upgrade will put your subscription to the next higher tier when session quota has been exhausted. For example, if a subscription at the 100k sessions/month tier has exhausted its quota, with auto-upgrade enabled, it will automatically move to 200k sessions/month. The account admin user will be notified before and after upgrading is complete.

To enable auto-upgrade:

  1. Go to the dashboard

  2. Click on the "Subscriptions" tab

  3. Open the subscription, check "Automatically upgrade"

  4. Save the change

Once upgraded the subscription will remain at the higher tier. The admin user can drop the subscription back down to a lower tier at any point.

Manual upgrade

At any time before or after the session quota is hit, you can manually upgrade to a higher tier plan with more session quota. To avoid service-interruptions, we recommend upgrading as soon as the admin receives quota notifications.

To manually upgrade,

  1. Go to the dashboard

  2. Click on the "Subscriptions" tab

  3. Open the subscription, and select a higher tier

  4. Save the change

The upgrade will take effect immediately, the pro-rated charges will be reflected on the next bill.

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